There is No Place for Hate in Clackamas County

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Mark Shull’s intolerance and hate make him unfit to serve as Clackamas County Commissioner. His words and actions disparaging immigrants and communities of color, and supporting political violence, have no place in Clackamas County.  We are a community that welcomes all people. Our leaders should seek to raise us up, not promote division and encourage violence.

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Why Shull’s Got to Go!

Demonizing Immigrants

 Shull calls immigrants “invaders” who are a threat to “our American culture.” He endorses the false claims that millions of immigrants are voting illegally to steal our elections.

Encouraging Bigotry Towards Muslims

Shull repeatedly attacks Muslims, declaring them “incompatible with our nation” and consistently calling Islam a threat. 

Encouraging Political Violence

Shull has repeatedly encouraged violence, claiming that American politics is at “the shooting phase,” and that it is “too late to avoid carnage.”

Disparaging LGBTQIA+ Residents

Shull spoke at a rally demonizing gay people as pedophiles and child abusers and criticizes Oregon schools that support transgender youth.

Dismissing Racism

Shull declared that Black Lives Matter is “a pawn for the rise of neo-Marxism.” He also sought to pass a county ordinance that equated COVID-19 vaccine verifications to segregationist Jim Crow laws.

Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation

Shull urged residents to ignore mask mandates, repeatedly spread misinformation about the pandemic, compared vaccine mandates to the Holocaust,  cheered on CoVID-19 deniers who took over a Clackamas County Board Meeting, and supported shutting down a local vaccine clinic.

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What is a Recall?

Recalls empower us to remove a leader that is unfit to serve and has lost the confidence of the community. Voters should decide whether Mark Shull should continue to represent us for the next four years.  To learn more about Shull’s appalling record, see our “Why Recall” page. A recall effort consists of a few steps:
Step 1 – Gather Signatures

Step 2 – Verify Signatures

Step 3– Vote

Learn more about how a recall works