A travesty of justice- the story of Galina Shull- Part 2: Violation

Part 1 of this series detailed how Mark Shull abused his wife Galina, who obtained a restraining order against him.

Galina Shull moved into the Gateway Shelter for Domestic Violence Services in Portland to escape Mark Shull. While she lived there, Shull continued to harass her with phone calls and emails. On January 28, 2011, Mark Shull was served with a restraining order demanding that he have no contact with Galina, including by email, phone or mail.

On February 7, 2011, a package with no return address arrived at Galina’s shelter.

It contained a cheap box of Valentine’s chocolates and a note in Russian that read “Your home and bed are waiting for you. Tiger in eternal love.”

Galina knew that it was from Mark Shull, as he used both “Tarzan” and “Tiger” as nicknames for himself. This violation was reported quickly to the Portland Police Department and a warrant was issued for Mark Shull’s arrest.

Portland Police planned to arrest Shull on February 8, contacting Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office for backup. As Officer Jessica Brainard and Officer Shafer waited near Shull’s house for the backup, a silver Nissan pickup matching a description of Shull’s vehicle drove past, heading away from the house. The responding officers could see that Shull was driving, and they tailed him while waiting for the sheriff backup. When they arrived, the sheriff pulled Shull over. The Portland Police handcuffed Shull, patted him down and drove him to the Multnomah County Detention Center.

Once there, Officer Brainard read him his Miranda rights, then Deputy Levi Yandell interviewed him. He claimed he was aware of the restraining order, but when asked if he had violated it, he replied “Absolutely not.” He said that Galina was a “beautiful Russian” who was “as cunning as anybody out there” and that he felt she had only married him to get citizenship in the United States. Throughout the interview, he was stressed and angry.

Deputy Yandell told him that she was investigating the report of a package mailed through USPS. Shull replied “Anyone can drop a piece of mail from Sandy, or wherever else.” Yandell had not mentioned Sandy during the interview. Shull also reported that one of his nicknames was “Tiger,” the name used on the package note.

Shull then accused Galina of having an incestuous relationship with her son, stating that this was not illegal in Russia.

After the interview, Officer Brainard escorted him to jail. As she left, Shull said, “Can I ask you a favor?”

“What?” Officer Brainard replied.

“Don’t ever marry a Russian.”

Part 3 covers Mark Shull’s trial.


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