From Shull’s talk at the Muslim Educational Center. Watch Shull’s body language during this off-the-cuff speech. He is very nervous, constantly playing with his mask and searching for words. 


[SHULL] It has just come to my attention that during the course of the last week, members of the Black community feel that I have said something to offend them. And I want to make it very clear that those allegations, wherever they came from, are not true. My relationship with our Black brothers and sisters has always been positive. I’ve always had many friends who were Black; they bring a beautiful culture, beautiful attitude. I’ve always enjoyed my Black friends. I never in my life had a situation from Black American or Black anywhere in the world [undecipherable.] I don’t know anyone in Oregon or the United States or anywhere in the world where I have traveled who would say to you that they had an incident with Mark Shull that they would consider [undecipherable.]  So for all the Black people  [undecipherable- fine?] Americans in our state, nation, I want to make sure you realize that I  [undecipherable.] Don’t look at [undecipherable- trouble?] Do not. You’re Americans, Canadians, whatever. So please make sure that this idea that’s going around that I said something to offend our Black citizens is absolutely untrue. 


[SHULL]  Also, may I add that I also never recall having any problem about a new immigrant. [undecipherable.] So, again, I don’t think there’s anybody out there who could say that they, their interaction with me was disrespectful. I hope that clarifies the new immigrant issue and [undecipherable] on our Black community.


[Offscreen voice] [Undecipherable] Black Lives Matter? [Undecipherable.]


[SHULL]  All lives matter. Black lives, white lives. All God’s creation. 


[Offscreen voice- mostly undecipherable but seems to be asking for an apology] If a person feels a certain way, then that’s their reality. [Undecipherable.]


[SHULL]  Yes. So for anybody that didn’t hear that, that question from Pastor Hennessy, to all Black immigrants to America, if anyone, any one of you, ever got a feeling that I did not value your citizenship in this nation, please forgive whatever comment that came from. You’re all welcome here and I absolutely appreciate what you all bring to this nation. Thank you very much. 




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