Cleaning up after the circus

There were several strange sequels to Mark Shull and his supporters efforts to derail the June 10 Business Meeting.

Celebrating the disruption and inviting more of the same

Not only did Mark Shull openly cheer on the vaccine deniers, conspiracy theorists and anti-mask zealots during the meeting, he continued the adulation afterwards and encouraged them to return. It is a sign of just how unfit he is to be a Commissioner that this blatant violation of decorum and sanity is the first time he “enjoyed being a Commissioner.”

Conspiracy run amuck

On June 14, the video of the June 10 meeting disappeared from YouTube, replaced by a message that it had been taken down for violating community standards. Predictably, the crowd on the Mark Shull, People’s Choice Facebook group attributed this to deliberate action by the county and flooded county staff with angry calls and emails.

In reality, YouTube removed the video for “medical misinformation,” as reflected by the delusional statements of many speakers at the meeting. When the proper county staff (none of whom were the targets of this group’s ire) were notified, they quickly made the video available on the County website, so that the public can continue to see the type of behavior that Mark Shull encourages.

Commissioner Paul Savas spoke about the video removal during the June 15 afternoon Policy Meeting, giving a much truer picture of what happened.

Shull’s comeuppance

At the June 15 morning Policy Meeting, Shull sat sullenly through the removal of all of his liaison assignments as they were doled out to other commissioners. Even Chair Smith was having none of his behavior, as evidenced in the following clip, which demonstrates just how unaware Mark Shull is of the consequences and effects of his own behavior. .

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Commission reflection

During Commissioner Communication at the June 15 afternoon Policy Meeting, Paul Savas openly discussed how difficult chairing Thursday’s meeting had been. Although Shull’s behavior was not specifically called out, it was obvious where Paul’s sympathies lay.