Mark Shull has helped the COVID virus, not the people of Clackamas County

Shull spreads falsehoods about COVID and claims there is no pandemic.

Shull shared a meme on Facebook asserting that the COVID-19 pandemic was a Chinese psychological operation being supported by “faulty testing kits”, “rigged results”, “exaggerated virus models”, and “falsified death certificates”.

Shull openly violated social distancing requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19, attending a huge party during lockdown (and visiting homeless camps, unmasked, the next day.)

Shull blames COVID on immigrants.

He used COVID as an excuse to post racist content….

Shull advocates breaking COVID restrictions.

and urged people to undermine steps to stop the spread of COVID-19, saying, “Take off your mask. Get back to work and back to your life. Fight those who would deny you of your right to make a living, to operate a business and to live your life.”

He encouraged hundreds of anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists to attend an August 12, 2021 commission board meeting…

cheered them on…

and then thanked them for advancing dangerous falsehoods about COVID-19 and vaccinations.