Mark Shull has a history of domestic violence.

In 2010, according to sheriff reports, Shull threatened his then-wife Galina Anufrieva with a teapot full of boiling water and a gun in front of her 14-year-old son. Ms. Anufrieva claims that he was drunk. Shull had met Ms. Anufrieva on a Russian dating site and she had immigrated to the US to marry him only a few months previously. The DA decided not to charge Shull, claiming insufficient evidence. At the time, Ms. Anufrieva spoke only broken English.

In 2011, Shull violated a restraining order while his now-ex-wife was in a domestic violence shelter. He claimed he didn’t think he had violated the order and was acquitted.

Shull provided testimony to the United States Senate in opposition to the Violence Against Women Act. He claimed that Ms. Anufrieva “abandoned our marriage,” and “displayed knowledge of how to avoid our marriage.” He complained that she was able to get into a shelter for “battered” women with the police report, and claimed she was a “cold-hearted” individual who spurned him even though he “loved” her.

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