On January 14, 2021, at a Clackamas County Board of Commissioners meeting, all of Mark Shull’s fellow Commissioners and more than 100 other elected officials from the region called for Shull to resign. His behavior, divisive rhetoric, and disparaging remarks deemed him, according to our own values, unfit to be a leader in our community. His comments reflect values of intolerance and hate. He has been censured and stripped of his liaison duties as a commissioner, and even now continues his shameful behavior, comparing COVID-19 vaccine requirements to segregationist Jim Crow laws and vaccine mandates to the Holocaust. 

Now is the time for voters to make sure Mark Shull cannot continue to push his destructive agenda. Our county is strongest economically, socially, and civically when we stand together against attempts to divide us. We deserve a County Commissioner that reflects our values and that we can be proud of.

Rather than accept responsibility for his disturbing viewpoints, Shull has repeatedly doubled down this year – committing new egregious actions and destroying his working relationships with his fellow commissioners. See for yourself what Shull has said about:

COVID/Public Health


Muslim Community

Black Lives Matter



Right-Wing Extremism and Support for Violence


Election Misinformation