Gather pledges and support

The first step of the recall is getting ready for the recall! To do this, we need to gather as many pledges as possible. “Pledges” are promises to sign our official recall petition when it’s issued. “Support” is all the organizational, financial and volunteer support we need to make this recall succeed!

This is where we are right now. 


Submit paperwork and gather signatures

We need over 35,000 signatures to make sure we have enough valid ones.

Once we submit all of the necessary paperwork, we have 90 days to gather signatures- over 35,000 of them! We will need all the volunteer signature gatherers we can get! 


Validation and Setting the Date

Once we submit our signatures, the County Elections office has 10 days to determine if enough are valid. If they are, then Mark Shull has 5 days to resign. If he doesn’t, then the election must be held within 35 days. 

The election will be held about 4-5 months after we start gathering signatures.


Election Day!

It will be a day of celebration!

Once we’ve qualified for the ballot and the date is set, then we work on turning out the vote to make sure Mark Shull is removed and Clackamas County becomes a fairer and safer place for all of us!