“Jim Crow 2.0”

The Tuesday, June 1 agenda for the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners contained a troubling item- a discussion of a “Vaccine Passport Ban.”

The actual document was extremely disturbing. It cavalierly compared mask and vaccination card requirements to Jim Crow laws.

At the Tuesday meeting, Mark Shull revealed that he was the originator of the document. What he did not state was that he had pulled this draft ordinance, word-for-word, from an ordinance that the Yamhill County Board of Supervisors discussed but did not pass due to its legal and racial implications. Yamhill County Counsel Christian Boenisch told KGW8 News, “If we adopt ordinances that are in conflict with state law, we run the risk of, in the event of a claim, not having insurance coverage.” According to the News-Register, he told the Commission that such a proposal “would violate both state and federal law.” 

What followed was unprecedented, even for the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners.

Shull repeatedly attempted to equate the minor inconvenience of being asked to wear a mask if not vaccinated to the horrific consequences of Jim Crow laws that led to segregation, discrimination and lynching. The entire Board condemned his shortsightedness, ignorance and moral blindness, and Chair Tootie Smith moved to strip him of all his liaison assignments. This motion passed 4-1. But it is apparent that Shull sees himself as the aggrieved party and has, once again, failed to learn from the experience.