Mark Shull is a threat to public health

Mark Shull has been vociferous in his opinions on COVID, such as his terrible COVID math. He has promoted anti-mask hysteria. But, even worse, his actions have endangered vulnerable people in our community.

On April 22, 2021 Mark Shull referred to masks as “restrictions on civil liberties.”

On April 29, he called for people to disobey COVID regulations.

On April 30, Mark Shull posted the following on his Facebook page:

This promoted an event in Oregon City, advertised in this flyer:

At this event, hundreds of unmasked individuals invaded Oregon City’s City Hall parking lot, hanging banners from the building

and taunting and threatening anyone who walked by wearing a mask, as this individual is doing:

The group then marched downtown and harassed mask-wearing members of the public.

For Mark Shull to support such lawlessness in the face of a pandemic when the county’s own materials beg citizens to keep on wearing masks and social distancing is appalling.

Most of the Clackamas County Commissioners promoted the county’s PSA that included the following:

Mark Shull, on the other hand, has been openly defying this advice and putting vulnerable members of the community at risk.

On April 25, Commissioner Shull attended a large party in Vancouver, Washington, in direct violation of Washington guidelines calling for indoor gatherings to consist of no more than 10 people. Extensive photos and videos of this gathering posted to public Facebook sites documented that no one at the party wore a mask and there was no social distancing. Oksana Bell has removed these photos from her site since this party became public knowledge but many of them are still visible here.

On April 26, Commissioner Shull staged photo opportunities in his office and in the Board of Commissioners chamber for himself, Oksana Bell and her friend Angel Sokolova, again without masks.

They then went out to visit several homeless camps in Multnomah and Clackamas County. Again, no masks were worn, despite their attendance at a potential super-spreader event the night before and the fact that they were interacting with a vulnerable population.

Shortly thereafter, photos and videos of these people were posted on Support Mark Shull, a Facebook site set up by Oksana Bell to defend Mark Shull, without the permission or knowledge of the people involved. They were also posted (and remain posted) on Oksana Bell’s personal page.

I have spoken to several people with knowledge of homeless services in Clackamas County, none of whom can reveal their names due to fear of retribution. They have been unanimous that this behavior is indefensible. Exposing vulnerable people to COVID and violating their privacy for a political opportunity is inexcusable.

When confronted with these indefensible actions, Shull’s response was smarmy and inappropriate.

Mark Shull continues to compound the damage he has caused with even more damage. This is one of so many reasons that he must be recalled.