Mark Shull, there is a difference between voter suppression and being asked to wear a mask

On June 3, 2021, during Commissioner Communication, Mark Shull produced the following rant of epic proportions.

Let’s take a look at it.

First of all, his “chain of events” of how his proposed “vaccine passport ban”, likening wearing a mask to Jim Crow laws, came to light.

Earlier in the meeting, County Administrator Gary Schmidt explained, clearly, how Shull’s item had been added to the agenda.

Mark Shull twisted this into a lame claim that he didn’t want the item on the agenda, he only wanted Gary to correct the background. And he repeats that he never wanted the public to see what he was doing- he outright states that “it wasn’t something you want to get outside the building”. How is that for transparency in government? And somehow, I am am at fault for actually reading the upcoming agenda, which is available to and intended for the public.

In addition, Mark Shull is lying when he says he wrote this horrific document. It was actually written by the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners, and Shull just edited out the parts that were too batshit crazy even for him. Here’s Shull’s document. And here’s a screenshot of part of it.

And here’s the one from Yamhill County with a screenshot:

His stunning lack of self-awareness is then demonstrated yet again when he is surprised and appalled that the press dared to show up and question his actions.

And, again, he compares “vaccine passports” to Jim Crow laws. He rails about people who refuse to get vaccinated and what happens if they enter a business that prefers that its patrons be vaccinated, saying he “doesn’t know” what will happen. Of course, what would happen is that they would be asked to wear a mask. If his “constituents” believe wild anti-vaccination claims and choose not to protect themselves and others, then they need to wear a mask so their germs don’t infect those who TRULY can’t be vaccinated. This is NOT the same as possibly being arrested or lynched for entering the “wrong” building or sitting in the “wrong” seat.




He then devolves into a wild rant about “two sets of rules.” He reads a screed from Lars Larson, the ultra-right-wing talk show host, the main point of which seems to be that Joe Biden used the phrase “Jim Crow laws” and didn’t get called out for it, while Mark Shull did.

Joe Biden compared the extensive voter suppression in Georgia to Jim Crow laws. This is, of course, an apt comparison, as such laws DO discriminate against and disenfranchise people of color. Of course, Shull cannot see this.