Mark Shull’s emails tell a story

On January 13, Mark Shull received an email from a constituent riled up about the “democraps” targeting Shull.

He responded that he was working on “damage control,” and the constituent responded with homophobic slurs about Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek.

Shull responded that the “leftists” were hammering “people like us,” clearly aligning himself with the offensive statements. But the slurs only got worse.

The same constituent wrote another letter to Shull, thanking him for helping him with a perk test problem. Shull responded that the “cancel” culture was after him and that he now knew that Trump went through. The constituent responded with an anti-Muslim slur.

On that same date, January 15, 2021, reporter Noelle Crombie from the Oregonian filed a records request for Shull’s emails. Informed that his emails could be read by the public, Shull’s tone quickly changed, although he had to have his aide Caroline Hill craft most of the language of his response.

It is telling that Shull was perfectly fine with the offensive emails until the threat of public disclosure.