Time and again, Mark Shull has attacked people of the Islamic faith.

““There are only two ways Islam gives us to deal with it. Isolation in the lands of Islam or extermination outside the lands of Islam… Islam has invaded our nation and it is getting stronger as we idly and irresponsibly allow it to happen.”

“Islam only gives us two ways out: Fight a war that would have been completely unnecessary if we had been alert, or capitulate to Islam and die…The longer Americans fail to recognize Islam for what it is, the more Americans will bleed.”

Shull claims Minnesota was lost to Islam.

“I visited the Mall of America with my mom last year. It was like walking into the Mall of Islam. I think we were the only two non muslims there that day… it was a horrifying experience… Not a friendly face in the crowd of Akbars.

“The most menacing threat to US national security is the incursion of Islam into our society. … It is time for a new D-Day, one that is appropriate to the threat.”

Shull claims Muslim legislators are terrorists.

“Islam and its followers are incompatible with our nation, our society, and our future.”

Shull says that Britain has succumbed to Muslims.

“The way it ends is you and yours are … dead. Not my idea, that would be the word of every Imam.” 

Shull calls Islam a noose around our necks.

“As we delude ourselves, Islam grows and the noose around the neck of our society tightens, and the threat to our children’s future grows more ominous. Every Imam, every Muslim cleric, every Ayatollah agree with me.” 

Shull calls Somali people "savages."

“What you see in the video will happen thousands of times until Islam builds the combat strength to go to phase three of the jihad. In phase three you will fight Islam or you die. … This invasion has been enabled by the UN and traitorous politicians and their supporters. … Islam is here to establish the Caliphate. To do that will require either your capitulation or your blood.”

ISIS is Islam. Islam is ISIS. Just as every Ayatollah and Imam say, ‘there is no such thing as radical Islam. There is only Islam and Islam is radical.’”

Even in his “apology” for all he had done, Shull claimed “The Muslim community believes that the Koran and its provisions for Sharia law is the only way that good government can be achieved. I believe in controlled immigration and controlled borders. The Muslim leadership believes that national borders are wrong and that open borders should be implemented.”