Here’s what you need to know about our pledge drive!

Pledges are promises to sign the recall petition when it becomes available. Once the official petition becomes available, each pledge signer will be mailed a copy of the petition to sign. The best thing you can do to help our campaign is gather pledges- and we make it easy to do!

Who can sign the pledge?

Registered voters in Clackamas County.

How can people sign the pledge?

The easiest way is to scan our QR code. They can then fill out a short form online and they’re signed up!

You can also give people the link to the pledge form-

We do also offer written pledge forms, but we prefer you attend a training to use those – sign up here if you want to be notified of trainings in your area! If you haven’t attended a training, be sure that you return all completed pledge sheets to the PO box on the form.

Where can I collect pledges?

  • Any public place (parks, streets, etc.) and at any events held in such places that are open to the public (no entry fee to attend.)
  • Any private place with permission of the property owner

What are the rules about collecting pledges?

Collecting pledges, since they are not official recall signatures, has few rules. Here is what you should know:

  • You may fill the form out for someone, as long as they give you permission.
  • It’s OK if someone signs the form twice (we will be screening out duplicates before we mail out the petitions)
  • Make sure that the name and address are legible!

What should I say to people? What if they are resistant?

The first thing most people will say to you is “Who is Mark Shull?” Develop your own short “elevator speech” based on why you care about the recall.

Example- talking to a liberal audience: “Mark Shull is a Clackamas County commissioner who has posted racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim material on Facebook . He’s encouraged anti-vaccination protestors to take over county meetings and compared being asked to wear a mask to Jim Crow laws. He doesn’t represent our values in Clackamas County.”

Example- talking to a more conservative audience: “Mark Shull is a Clackamas County commissioner who tried to disband the county Veterans Advisory Council because they disagreed with him. He voted against fully funding our sheriff’s department and against housing homeless seniors. He opposed helping Clackamas County residents after the devastating ice storm. He doesn’t represent our values in Clackamas County.”

If people are resistant- just move on to the next person! Don’t spent 30 minutes debating with someone who will never sign the pledge when you might be able to find 10 responsive people in the same time frame!

What if I have more questions?

Contact us at