Pledges are promises to sign the recall petition when it becomes available. Once the official petition becomes available, each pledge signer will be mailed a copy of the petition to sign. The best thing you can do to help our campaign is gather pledges- and we make it easy to do!

The easiest way is to scan our QR code. They can then fill out a short form online and they’re signed up!

You can also give people the direct link to the pledge form-

For more information on the pledge drive, see our FAQ.

Send the QR code or the link to every voter you know in Clackamas County! Spread it on your social media. Get creative and make posters or postcards.

Here are some extra materials for you to print out.

Pledge Drive One-Pager- Graphical

This is a colorful, short one-page flyer on Mark Shull. It has a QR code that allows mobile pledge gathering! Print and distribute this flyer everywhere! Anyone can print and use this sheet.

Pledge Drive Signature Sheet

This is the sheet for people to fill out to request a petition. We prefer you attend a training to use this form – sign up here if you want to be notified of trainings in your area!

Pledge Drive One-Pager- Text

A text-based flyer with more information. It also has the QR code for pledge signups.

Pledge Drive Receipt

Give one of these receipts to each person who signs the pledge to remind them to sign the real petition when it comes out!