Mark Shull embodies the worst of right-wing extremism.

Shull has appeared at rallies and events organized by supporters of the right-wing, white supremacist Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer movements. Multiple Proud Boys have been charged with conspiracy for their role in the violent assault on the nation’s capital in January 2021, but Shull has never disavowed the group.

Shull participated in the Trump rally that led to violence in Downtown Portland.

After Shull spoke at a September 7, 2020 Trump rally that he described on Facebook as “wonderful,” attendees traveled to Salem where they engaged in violent altercations with counter protestors.

Shull calls Islam a noose around our necks.

After posting that Islam was a “noose around the neck of our society”, Shull’s reply to a commenter encouraged a violent response by noting “GOD gave you dominion over the earth so you best get to working hard to solve the problems ahead. David took action and in that action Goliath died. Be David.” 

Shull claims Muslims are coming to behead you.

In a Facebook post attacking Islam, Shull added a comment stating “It is too late to avoid carnage, but it is not too late to take action to limit the bloodshed.”

Shull claims the first impeachment of Trump was a sham.

In a Facebook post calling Trump’s impeachment a “sham,” Shull stated “This situation in American politics is now nearly the line of departure on the shooting phase. Let us take action to preclude that misery. We have two ways forward, either return to the constitution and national sanity, or enter an undefined future of cultural and physical conflict.”