The pro-Shull crowd is getting desperate

At the Thursday, August 5, 2021 Business Meeting, Yvonne Lazarus made the accusation that people listed on our Call to Resign page had not actually signed any letter asking for Mark Shull to resign. She specifically called out Sherry Hall, County Clerk and Martine Coblentz, County Equity and Inclusion Officer.

These accusations led to wild assertions on the pro-Shull Facebook group.

As we have said in the County Commissioners meeting many times, we stand by what we post. Here is a copy of the original letter, clearly showing that they signed on to it.

Here’s a newspaper story about the letter: Pamplin Media Group– Clackamas chair, department heads ask Mark Shull to resign– only part is shown in the picture below.

And here is a letter from Sherry Hall specifically.

Once again- we stand by what we post.