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Shull is trying to cover his racist tracks as fast as he can. See if you can find any of these posts now. #markshullhastogo

Shull can’t erase his racism, bigotry and intolerance, no matter how many of his posts and Youtube channels he deletes.  #markshullhastogo

Iranian American decorated war veteran Adam Khosroabadi asked Commissioner Shull, “I implore you to ask yourself if you really stand for this country and for what it represents and that flag.” Shull still refuses to step down. #markshullmustgo

“Did I not do enough Mr. Shull as a Muslim American (Marine)? Did I not earn the same rights as you, or people who didn’t serve, or didn’t serve in combat?” -Adam Khosroabadi  #markshullmustgo

Shull apparently has a lovely mother and a nephew who is dating a pastor’s daughter. He is still making racist comments and showing no regard for the community asking him to step down. #markshullmustgo

Mark Shull may be a decorated Marine, but he also pulls guns on his wife and calls Muslims “akbars”. Clackamas County citizens demand better from our leaders. #markshullmustgo #clackamascountystrong