These are groups and individuals that Mark Shull has Liked on Facebook.

This group vociferously opposes the Black Lives Matter movement, supports officers who were caught making racist statements and posts graphic videos of police shootings

This page has been removed from Facebook since I recorded Shull’s likes. Here is a screenshot from Jan. 25, 2021.

This group was formed in 2013 to provide funding for Tea Party candidates. Recently, it backed the Capitol rally

Mike Nearman is the Representative who held the door of the Oregon Capitol open so far-right demonstrators could enter. 

Timber Unity is a right-wing lobbying group with ties to racist groups. They donated to Shull’s campaign. 

This page publishes right-wing and racist memes such as this one. 

Yet more right-wing, racist and offensive memes such as the following. 

Even more offensive memes.

Yet more memes.

This group opposed the recall of Dan Holladay, the Oregon City mayor who was recalled overwhelmingly for, among other things, blatantly racist remarks

This “church” holds prayer services in front of Salem Planned Parenthood to intimidate patients, even though a judge demanded that they stop

This group “aims to solidify victory over abortion.” They target women of minority groups in dire circumstances with messages such as “Abortion is self-harm.”

This group wants to mandate Voter ID laws in Oregon. It also pushed the narrative that the 2020 election was fraudulent

The group name says it all. They oppose all immigration

OFIR “ works to stop illegal immigration as well as reduce legal immigration.” They oppose sanctuary laws and believe that ICE employees are “heroes.”

Judicial Watch is a right-wing pressure organization that primarily targeted Democrats such as Bill Clinton, the Presidency of Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. They have also described climate science as “fraud science” and filed lawsuits against government climate scientists.

Power the Future is a lobbying group, formed by a Koch Brothers alumnus,  for the petroleum industry that calls itself “the voice of energy workers pushing back on radical green groups and the ideologues who fund them.”

This group is working to remove COVID restrictions in Oregon. 

This group opposes mandatory vaccinations, and group members post anti-vaccination propaganda

Ami Horowitz produces right-wing propaganda videos.  Here are some examples:

The Silent Majority is a Facebook group promoting right-wing conspiracy theories, such as suggesting that business openings after COVID shutdowns were intended to promote Joe 


Brighter Oregon is a business-backed group advocating for decreasing state spending. Its plans have been criticized for being vague and unrealistic and they want to cut benefits and lower business taxes

Mark Shull’s likes as of January 25, 2021 are on the following pages.