Mark Shull has received campaign donations and support from a variety of individuals, many of them connected to far-right-wing groups and organizations. Here is who we know about:

Timber Unity PAC donated to Shull’s campaign. The PAC is known for its racism, threats of violence and links to neofascist and militia organizations. It has also been behind Republican walkouts in the Oregon legislature. Willamette Week wrote how Timber Unity donated to Shull and how it attempts to infiltrate and dominate local Oregon politics.

Patti Adair, a Deschutes County commissioner known for promoting false information about the 2020 election, contributed $200.00 to Mark Shull’s campaign. In 2018, when she was chair of the Deschutes County Republican Party, Ms. Adair invited the anti-Islamic speaker John Guandolo to speak at a Deschutes County Republican Party meeting. Guandolo teaches classes for U.S. law enforcement officials and his rhetoric is very similar to Shull’s. Her views are so extreme that many in her own party refused to support her candidacy.

Rick Applegate of Rhododendron, OR. owns Mt. Hood Roasters. He donated $200.00 to Shull’s campaign. On his Facebook page, he encouraged people to file ethics complaints against Clackamas County officials who endorsed Shull’s resignation, stating, “An unelected public government office endorsing a call for one of its own Commissioners to resign is highly unethical.”

Robert Clark of Milwaukie, OR. donated $200.00 to Shull’s campaign. Also known as “Elvis” Clark, he is an anti-urban-renewal activist. On his website, in a series of posts about Mr. Shull, he posted “I am pretty discouraged by this because I advocated for Mark’s election.”

Greg Estes from Welches, OR. gave $120.00 to Shull’s campaign. His Facebook page is replete with statements such as “the 95% leftist media has done a great job of shutting down just about anything good concerning our president in the running. They even inflate the polls to discourage Trump voters from even coming out to vote! This tactic will not be effective, the Trump voters will come out in Droves/waves just like his Rally’s, along with Americans coming out at their own rally’s in support of him!”

Matt Hennesee was one of the speakers at the Muslim Educational Trust event where several speakers urged reconciliation rather than resignation. In 2005, Matt Hennesee faced charges of child abuse. An investigation by The Oregonian documented emails where Hennessee admitted the abuse.

Bill Kennemer donated $500.00 to Shull’s campaign. He is a former Clackamas County Commissioner and State Representative for House District 39. He currently is in the running for Alan Olsen’s vacated Senate District 20 seat.

Marjorie Mares of Lake Oswego donated $200.00 to the Shull campaign. She wrote the Oregon legislature in 2017 about a measure that would have prohibited public bodies from asking about citizenship or immigration status for the purpose of enforcing federal immigration laws unless required by state or federal law, “I am opposed to HB3464! This is sanctuary cities on steroids! We need to keep integrity in our voter rolls! Non-citizens are not supposed to vote! Let’s obey the laws!”

JD Pavek donated $200.00 to Shull’s campaign. He is a Precinct Committeeperson for the Republican party for HD 38, and worked with Julie Parrish to try and stop Measure 101, the 2018 measure that ensured that hundreds of thousands of low-income Oregonians didn’t lose health care coverage and was approved overwhelmingly by voters.