Our grassroots campaign is made up of the voices of those in Clackamas County calling for Mark Shull’s removal from office. This includes community members volunteering their time, local unions, community-based organizations, and other leaders in our community. This is a campaign to expel racism and hate from the leadership of our County. To that end, the leaders of this campaign receive regular guidance and direction from an advisory board made up of leaders of color from within the community. Interested in getting involved with the campaign? Find out how to help today!

You can reach us at:


Recall Mark Shull

PO Box 68902

Milwaukie, OR 97268

Steering Committee

Cris Waller


Cris was the person who discovered Mark Shull’s Facebook posts and knew that the public had to be informed of what he had done. Since then, she has worked ceaselessly to ensure that Mark Shull is removed from office.

Christine Kennedy

Volunteer Coordinator

Christine Kennedy has been a resident of Lake Oswego and Clackamas County for 7 years. She helped found a local all volunteer  non-profit organization in 2019 that supports older people living in their own homes . Christine was active in her nursing career for over 45 years. She capped her RN career in early 2021 as an OHSU volunteer vaccinator. Christine loves being close to family and having the opportunity to be a support especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. She believes Recalling Mark Shull is a priority to creating a healthier Clackamas County. 

Ira Erbs

Labor Liaison

Ira Erbs has called Oregon myhome since 1992, and Clackamas County since 2020.

He is a retired HS social studies and Career and Technical Education teacher. He is the VP of Political Action for American Federation of Teachers, Oregon and longtime Union officer and member.

He feels that this recall effort is so important that he has carved out time from his hobbies and family to work to recall Mark Shull from office.

Mike Weber


Mike has been a Clackamas County resident since 2011. He is interested in making our county a welcoming community for all and ensuring equal treatment of all Clackamas County residents.

Ana Tijerina Esquino

Ana has been a resident of Milwaukie for over two three years. She is a recent graduate of PSU where she studied Civil Engineering. She now works full time in the Portland area and volunteers in her free time with the American Society of Civil Engineers and Rose City Justice. Ana became a US citizen in December of 2017 and has been engaging with local politics since. She hopes to use her privilege and experience to help bridge cultural gaps and fight for justice for all. She knows the Clackamas County that she’s grown to love deserves so much more than the hate and bigotry of Mark Shull. 

Jake Weigler


An accomplished political strategist and Oregon native, Jake Weigler is a founding partner at Praxis Political.

After securing a masters’ degree in political science, Jake shifted from studying politics to doing it. He discovered that what he loves best is overcoming the odds to achieve unanticipated results that impact our larger community. Using creative strategy and tenacity, Jake prides himself on helping people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives transform their values into successful political action.

Before political consulting, Jake worked in Washington D.C., Texas, and Oregon. Past employers include the Democratic National Committee, Media Matters for America, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, Governor Ted Kulongoski, Attorney General Hardy Myers, Superintendent for Public Instruction Susan Castillo, and the Oregon Environmental Council.

Jake earned degrees from Lincoln High School, New York University, and The University of Texas at Austin. He is the board chair of the Portland Urban Debate League, a nonprofit preparing students in underserved Portland metro area high schools to compete in interscholastic debate. Jake lives in Southeast Portland with his wife and two daughters.